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For decades now, psychological and organizational research has confirmed the ability of Coaching to generate positive and long lasting impact on people and companies. Since 2005, I have been certified in almost 10 different Coaching methodologies and I keep on studying and studying in order to refine my coaching tools and offer my clients depth, speed and longevity of personal and professional improvement.
The only methodology based on Integral Theory: the most comprehensive scientific theory on human development. Through this path you can address every aspect of your personal and professional life
Coaching based on the identification of your typology in the Enneagram through the iEQ9 method. Through this path, you will receive a scientific report to understand, accept and integrate your psychological typology in personal and professional contexts.
Coaching based on Salovey and Meyer research and the practical methodology based on it and developed by 6seconds: the Emotional Intelligence Network. Through this path you will receive a scientific report through which you can build your practical path of learning emotional intelligence in the most scientifically sound way
Through this coaching method based on Richard Barrett’s decades of research, you’ll receive a scientific report that will help you understand what level of development you’re at and how you’re perceived. You’ll discover your level of “psychological/cultural entropy” and the most effective strategies for releasing the energy you need to devote to your VERTICAL development.
The only integration method for intimate couples based on Integral Theory: the most comprehensive scientific theory on human development. Through this couple coaching, you will be introduced to the Integral Love Relationship (ILR) Model through which you and your partner will learn and apply methods to make the 4 areas of the model flourish: your sexuality, your ultimate purpose as a couple, your relational dimension and, ultimately, your improving contribution to the world around you.
Course based on my decades of expertise as a Memory&Learning Trainer, International Mental Athlete and Italian SuperBrain2018. Through it you will work in a highly practical and measurable way on memory enhancement, reading methods and bottom up mindmapping®️.
A developmental path based on the Logic Based Consultation method developed by the National Philosophical Counseling Association. Through this counseling process, you will go deep inside the challenges that life poses but you will do so aided by the millennial breadth and depth of Philosophical Thought made practical and applicable by the methodology of Philosophical Practices.
A coaching journey based on the new Science of developing the 6 core human Virtues (transcendence, wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, moderation) and their respective 24 sub-virtues (gratitude, humor, perseverance, courage, leadership, creativity,…). You will receive a Scientific Report on your Virtuous Profile and through the Aware-Explore-Apply model, you will generate powerful changes impacting your personal and professional and you will use your strong virtues to flourish and to also make shine the less manifest ones.

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