Offline Consulting

Training programs on the 6 core areas of the Soft&Strategic Methodology


What does Offline consultancy include?

After a detailed analysis of the training needs (usually three 60’ calls), follows the proposal of a new customized training program to lead the company from the current to the next stage of evolution in order to ensure a simultaneous development on the 4Ps of Profit, People, Planet and Purpose. All the training programs delivered by me and my team are based on all or at least 3 of the 6 FUNDAMENTAL FOCUSES of the Soft&Strategic Methodology.

A crucial area where I always start by identifying talents and skills (current and potential) and then move on to a different phase with the expansion and updating of mindset, skills and results through methodologies that work on the cognitive, emotional and behavioral level. Some examples of methodologies are: exponential time management, personal energy routines, agile task management, vision-results alignment, proactivity, cognitive enhancement, emotional literacy,…

A very detailed work on team dynamics in order to provide easily applicable methodologies to overcome conflicts and turn them into a strength. Through team assessment, it’s possible to evaluate the stage of development and level of entropy and then apply practical methods to gain an increase in energy, positive climate, productivity and strategic approach. Some examples of methodologies are: GRIP model, polarity management, crucial conversation, agile meetings management, emotional intelligence for teams, assertive communication,…
The typical focus are of companies, business focus is the aspect to which I dedicate the most all-encompassing methodology in my opinion, the Business Model Canvas, in order to facilitate the company in the process of analysis, optimization and possible development towards new business models to be implemented later through a precise method of change management.
In the 21st century, all companies will need to develop “Future friendliness”: familiarity, with future. The basic idea is that we are inexorably approaching the great moment when humanity will experience the great event of Singularity where the pace of technological acceleration will be something never experienced before. Fortunately for companies, there are now validated tools that allow them to discover plausible futures and change the present accordingly. In this FOCUS, I use methods such as: unconscious bias map, causal layered analysis, ladder of influence, environmental scanning, probablity/impact matrix, scenario planning, strategic planning processes.
The VUCA world we have created imposes an “exponential” pace on every dimension of human life. And if this is now an undeniable fact, the question of the moment is: how to make “exponential” our lives too! More precisely, how can our companies become compatible with the exponential world? In this focus, I am going to bridge companies into the VUCA world through the Exponential Organizations Map (ExO Map). Through a survey, we will measure together the current “exponentiality” quotient of your company. Subsequently we will establish together which of the 11 attributes of the ExO Map you can use to become, to all effects, an Exponential Organization.

One of the aspects that most guarantees the success of our companies is not change but sustainable change over time. Still too few are those who invest in this fundamental dimension of change, which translates into two important guidelines: the transformation of new skills into habits and the expansion of the implemented change in an integral fashion. In this focus, I devote myself exactly to these two guidelines to ensure that the company becomes fully autonomous and able to self-generate more change in the immediate future.

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