Soft&Strategic skills consultancy

  • 2 revolutions are currently taking place in the corporate world: the now undeniable impact of soft skills and the systematic need for strategic skills to lead the company from-the-future

  • My consultancy methodology, built on 20 years of research and application on the field, is based precisely on the systematic integration of these two approaches.

Consulenza specializzata

in Soft&Strategic skills

  • 2 rivoluzioni sono attualmente in atto nel mondo aziendale: l’impatto oramai innegabile delle softskills e la necessità sistematica di skill strategiche per guidare l’azienda partendo dal futuro.
  • La mia metodologia di consulenza, costruita in 20 anni di ricerca e applicazione sul campo, si basa esattamente sull’integrazione sistematica di questi due approcci.

Starter pack! Online Coaching

The fastest and most effective way to take a Journey in your Personal Development with me. A 3-sessions mini path that will introduce you to my IAM© Method in which I condense my skills as a Philosopher, Mindfulness Trainer and Coach to quickly show you where you are, who you are and how to achieve your change NOW!


Offline Consulting

After a detailed Integral Training Needs Analysis (normally 3 60 minutes calls), follows the proposal of a fully customized Training Program to lead the company from the current evolutionary stage to the next one in order to ensure a simultaneous development on the 4Ps of Profit, People, Planet and Purpose. All the training programs delivered by me and my team focus on all or at least 3 of the 6 FUNDAMENTAL FOCUSES of the Soft&Strategic Methodology.

Coaching online

For decades now, psychological and organisational research has confirmed the power of Coaching to generate a positive and lasting impact on people and companies. Since 2005, I have been certified in almost 10 different Coaching methodologies and I always continue to study in order to refine my coaching tools and offer my clients depth, speed and longevity of personal and professional improvement.

Top executive consulting

Through my roles of Exponential Organization Consultant, Strategic Foresight Practitioner and Cultural Transformation Coach, I am here to address CEOs and Board of Directors determined to gradually and deeply transform their business reality in order to make it a protagonist of the VUCA world and a model of Excellence in the 4Ps of Profit, Planet, People and Purpose.


For more than 10 years I have been dedicated to spreading the vision of Leadership as Response-Ability by building in myself and my clients the appropriate responses to the unique challenges/opportunities of the 21st century. Combining my different identities of Philosopher, Business Consultant, Coach, Meditation Practitioner, Juggler and Mental Athlete, I passionately disseminate the 10 Pillars of my Vision21© for the creation of a community, the SuperStar21©: people eager to look at the world as it is, cultivate their own evolution, reduce their cognitive biases and then go “out there” to make the world a better place… with perseverance and joy.

Who is the consultancy aimed at?


In every company, some competencies manifest themselves explicitly just like genetic characteristics because the context, processes, customers and way of working require it. Other competences, although present among the aptitudes and passions of employees or perhaps developed informally within their work, do not manifest themselves and remain dormant. Each company can try to make the most of the hidden and unexpressed competences in its employees instead of looking for them outside.


Training allows each entrepreneur to increase the potential of their business and to project it into a perspective of success thanks to the increase and acquisition of skills, abilities, development techniques and attitudes that the entrepreneur himself and his employees learn and put into practice
The 3 main reasons to invest in training:
Increases Competitiveness
Increases Productivity
Improves business understanding


The workplace today requires constant adaptation, which is why continuous training has become a necessity. However, the success of training initiatives and programs depend largely on the level of involvement of users and their desire to grow professionally. To have a significant impact on the level of employee involvement, managers need to promote a training culture within their teams. Managers constantly interact with their employees, they know their strengths, gaps, potential growth opportunities and how to optimally align their team with organizational goals. So who better than them to foster and encourage an environment of continuous learning?

Super Human

Everyone Should Become a Better Person! Being a better person means benefiting other people in a meaningful way. Improving yourself is the most effective way to improve the lives of those around you. Nowhere is this truer than through personal growth. Attract the best people into your life People who work hard to improve themselves tend to be supportive, but they are also selective about who they spend time with. The More You Achieve, The Happier You Are "If you're not willing to take risks, you can't grow. And if you can't grow, you can't become better. And if you can't become your best self, you can't be happy. And if you can't be happy, then what else is there?" - Les brown Get the benefits of becoming a Better Person. If you are already on the path to improvement, keep going on. If you are not, start now.

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