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Become a SuperStar21 ©

Become a SuperStar21 ©: That’s my Mission and yours! There’s no doubt there’s a SuperStar in all of us, and in the 21stcent we need this more than ever! But where to start? In this video you will find MY EXCLUSIVE TECHNIQUE for creating rapid PSYCHOPHYSICAL access to your SuperStar21© self. This is NOT the most important thing…but all important things start from here…get ready!!

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Find out your stress level and I will do my best to give you exercises that, if practiced, will help you manage it.

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Stress can cause serious health problems and, in extreme cases, death. These stress management techniques have been shown to have a positive effect on reducing stress.


Readers should consult appropriately qualified MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS if they experience any major physical/psychological symptoms, have any concerns about stress-related illnesses, or experience any major changes in diet or exercise levels.”


Simone's Series



The great SURVIVORS of the movies give us profound insights: eight episodes, featuring as many extraordinary stories of Growth Mindset and opportunity. 

Through their footsteps, we discover the challenges they throw at us and the solutions we can concretely apply to our lives. 

“Be yourself, become your highest self!”


ERROR FRIENDLINESS - We Learn by Making Mistakes

“I am working hard to prepare my next mistake.” (Bertolt Brecht) 

A Series of (un)lucky Mistakes. The most ‘special’ blunders I have collected throughout my life become a series! Ready to lay myself bare, I will tell you about those failures that, like wise teachers, have shaped my personality: 10 episodes and as many ERRORS to face together the theme of vulnerability as a strength. Are you ready? Here we go


ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS - My Mentors | Your Mentors

In this series I tell you how I chose to live a VISIONARY life by sitting on GIANTS’ SHOULDERS.

Today a new journey begins through the learnings of my life, this time in the company of all those people who have been true mentors and teachers for  me over the years.